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The expression of the past, present and future of our wines in a unique elaboration D. O. Ribeira Sacra.
Atlantic climate with continental influence.
Grape varieties: Sousón, Mencía, Merenzao and Brancellao.
Aged in French oak of second and third use for 10 months.

Colour and appearance: Deep ruby.
Aroma: Rose aroma with dry cherry, strawberry notes with black olive, black pepper, charcoal, vanilla and lavender.
Flavour: Enticing, savoury with a long finish

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In Castro Caldelas, where the vineyards are driven by the river Sil, is nestled Ponte da Boga winery.


Within the Ribeira Sacra, Ponte da Boga is in a privileged location in a beautiful landscape with slopes of difficult access and small plots on steep stone terraces that make their wines are a perfect interpretation of this environment and the heroic viticulture.

Harvest is the hardest part for vineyard workers, as they carry the grapes up the steep slopes of the canyons of the River Sil. This heroic viticulture offers excellent potential in terms of quality, but at the same time calls for major financial and human efforts. Seen from outside, this yearly pilgrimage of men and women laden with heavy baskets seems like a religious event due to the sacrifices involved in their work, and their faith that all their efforts will be worth it. In this land, harvest combines the difficulty of the work itself and the added hardships imposed by the terrain. It is common to see harvesters hanging from harnesses, safe in the knowledge that their efforts will be compensated, or using small boats to cross the river, as the only way of reaching the vines. For all of these reasons, here the production of wine under these conditions is known as

Heroic Viticulture


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